Cooling Towel

If you need a cool down after an intense workout or spend the day in the heat, the cooling towel from Stayfit is your new companion. The mesh towel's super absorbent fiber weave technology regulates the water inside. As a result, it ensures water retention, treating it like an air-conditioner and allowing you to get cooler within seconds.

  • QUALITY MATERIALS: The hyper-evaporative breathable mesh material makes it easy to activate the chilling towel when you soak, wring, and snap it.

  • EASY TO USE: The towel is easy to use and apply. Soak in water, wring out any excess water, and shake out the towel before applying for an instant cooling effect.

  • MULTI-USE: Use the towel in various ways to cool yourself off, whether as a headband, neck wrap, wristband, or more. It can also be used at the gym, outdoors for sporting events, or other activities.

Three runners on treadmills  Female athlete with a cooling towel around her neck

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