The Runner/Sprint

Our armband is made of the finest materials and high-quality neoprene designed to twist, flex, bend, and stretch while retaining its original shape. It can withstand rigorous activities, including hiking, jogging, walking, or gym workouts. So work out with confidence, knowing your armband is made of the finest materials that will ensure the longevity of your phone.

  • SWIPE SCREEN TECHNOLOGY: The protective screen blocks your phone from any scratches or outside dirt that can ruin your phone. It also lets you use your phone without taking it out of the pack. Simply swipe and go.

  • GRIPTECH: Our Griptech technology is made from soft neoprene to provide a comfortable workout experience. It also helps keep the armband in place and prevents slipping during extreme exercises and sweating.

  • REFLECTIVE TRIM FOR SAFETY: For your safety, we incorporated the thickest reflective borders to provide the best reflection when running in low-light conditions, such as early mornings and late evenings when visibility is lowered.

Female athlete wearing a phone armband tying her shoes  Male athlete wearing an armband stretching his leg

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